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Simplifying Certification Testing

To validate that the performance of their fiber networks meets industry standards, enterprise network installers and contractors must make sure that fiber links are installed properly and within specifications. To achieve this, they need to perform fiber certification testing prior to network commissioning, which provides them with complete documentation to fully assess the quality of the fiber installation.

The AXS-200/360 Fiber Certification Test Set provides unparalleled ease of use and accuracy to perform all fiber certification and troubleshooting tasks. Moreover, it makes it simple to certify fiber to the latest standards.

Combined with the AXS-200 Handheld Modular Platform, the AXS-200/360 supports a user-friendly interface and numerous features. Optimized for various applications such as 10 Gbit/s transmission, this test set delivers optical loss measurements at multiple wavelengths automatically, verifies userinputted fiber lengths, inspects connectors with the optional fiber inspection probe (FIP) and detects breaks with the optional visual fault locator (VFL).

Multimode and singlemode fiber certification
Your network may be comprised of multimode and singlemode fibers. Thanks to EXFO’s complete test set, you can now test both fiber types without changing module. You only need one tester—the AXS-200/360. This instrument allows you to qualify the physical layer for Ethernet transmission at up to 10 Gbit/s on singlemode and multimode fibers.

A complete fiber certification solution
In addition to a power meter, fiber certification requires a light source, namely the FLS-600 Light Source, which comes with the AXS-200/360 kit.

Up to three singlemode wavelengths (1310, 1550, and 1490 or 1625 nm) on a single port, or four wavelengths (850/1300 nm and 1310/1550 nm) on two ports
New controlled multimode launching conditions for reliable loss measurements
Three-year warranty for low cost of ownership
Full-fledged unit that can be used for other test applications
An Essential Fiber Certification Tool for Enterprise, Installers and Contractors
AXS-200/360 key features and benefits
Industry standards support: Offers user-configurable thresholds, consistent with industry standards: TIA/TSB-178, TIA/EIA-568-B.3, ISO/IEC-11801, 10GBASE-LX4, 10GBASE-L, 10GBASE-E, 10GBASE-S, 1000BASE-SX, 1000BASE-LX, 100BASE-FX, 10BASE-FB, 10BASE-FL, FDDI, ATM-155, ATM-622, Token Ring 4 and 16 Mbit/s, Fibre Channel 1062 Mbit/s, Corning plug and play.
AXS-200 SharpTESTER platform main characteristics—modularity, connectivity, weather-proof and color display: Expands with your network and service test requirements, covering copper/DSL/triple-play, Ethernet and other optical applications; transflective screen for optimal viewing; easy data transfer via USB connection.
FIP support: Ensures that you perform a connection with clean connectors/adapters, exempt from any defect.
Step-by-step fiber loss wizard: Guides the user through quick procedures, limiting testing time and operator errors.
User-friendliness: Displays straightforward, automated test results with user-definable pass/fail criteria, without requiring interpretation; possibility to interchange connectors for perfect referencing setup.
Low cost of ownership: Allows you to bid on more contracts, thanks to this dedicated fiber tester that certifies singlemode and multimode fiber networks; offers a three-year warranty and recommended calibration interval; is less expensive than major competitors’ instruments.
FLS-600 key features and benefits
Automatic wavelength switching: Offers automated toggling between wavelengths thanks to the Auto-Switching mode; this feature enables the AXS-200/360 to recognize the wavelength in use and switch to the proper calibration parameters.
Distant referencing: Sends a signal remotely, giving the power meter information on the source wavelength and output power to be used as reference and helping ensure efficient referencing—even when the source and power meter are far apart.
Controlled multimode launching conditions: Designed to conform to the proposed encircled flux standards, providing the most reliable loss measurements.
Fiber Testing Made Easy
Network certification in four easy steps
Select a standard or an application.
Follow the step-by-step fiber loss wizard.
Set reference.
Start the test.
The AXS-200/360 automatically completes loss measurements at 850 and 1300nm (MM) or 1310 and 1550 nm (SM), compares results against industry standards such as TIA-568-B and provides pass/fail analysis in compliance with those standards.

Retest fibers as needed
If the loss measured is above the budget, the fiber can easily be retested.

View all results at a glance
Once the cable is completely tested, the AXS-200/360 displays a table of all measurement values along with pass/fail status, based on user-inputted fiber lengths.

Connector inspection and cleaning
It’s a fact: Most fiber network problems are caused by dirty, damaged or improperly installed connectors, which can lead to erroneous test results or poor transmission. Using a FIP to ensure connectors/adapters are clean and exempt from any defect is where accurate testing starts.

Avoid failing certification testing thanks to the FIP port on the AXS-200/360. Just plug EXFO’s efficiently designed FIP-400 Fiber Inspection Probe and benefit from an unmatched optical resolution. Moreover, keep snapshots of your connectors for future reference and documentation.

Facilitating troubleshooting
Troubleshoot link problems such as bad splices, macrobendings and fiber breaks using EXFO’s visual fault locator. The VFL’s bright red light helps you visually locate many near-end fiber faults and tests polarity. With this valuable and cost-efficient option, you will benefit from another opportunity to expand your business.

Comprehensive certification reports using Optical Report Viewer
Save, upload, manage and print comprehensive certification reports with EXFO’s Optical Report Viewer. Among its numerous features, this software’s pass/fail thresholds, which are active during download, are automatically activated and displayed in the Report Viewer. It also enables you to produce professional-looking reports with detailed documentation.

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Specification Sheets

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AXS-200/360 Fiber Certification Test Set 5900 1/14/2008 English


Application Notes
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Fiber Certification 368 9/23/2008

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Fiber inspection probe
Fiber-optic adapters
Connectors (EUI series)
Hard carrying case
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FIP (software)
Visual fault locator (VFL)
Replacement Parts
AC adapter/charger
Rechargeable battery
Carrying case

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Light Source—FLS-600
Up to three singlemode wavelengths (1310, 1550, and 1490 or 1625 nm) on a single port, or four wavelengths (850/1300 nm and 1310/1550 nm) on two ports
Three-year warranty for low cost of ownership
Error-free, time-saving test features
Controlled multimode launching output

Handheld OTDR Series—AXS-100
Four models: the AXS-100 Access OTDR, the AXS-110 Singlemode OTDR, the AXS-110 Multimode OTDR and the AXS-110 All-Fiber OTDR
Event dead zone as low as 0.8 m, for easy location and characterization of all events
Multiple options, including power meter, visual fault locator (VFL), fiber inspection probe, printer and IP testing
Fault Finder mode, for quick identification/location of fiber breaks
Smart software option providing pass/fail status at all wavelengths, as well as span loss, ORL, fiber length and macrobend locations in a single window

Fiber Inspection Probe—FIP-400
Easy back-panel connector inspection
Truly rugged and lightweight solution for the field
Image-capture capability for report documentation
Ideal for all types of connectors: APC, UPC, MTP and more
Slim design for easy use in crowded patch panels
Compatible with EXFO test instruments

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