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EXFO’s AXS-200/620 ADSL2+ Triple-Play Test Set offers a quick and thorough method for deploying triple-play services—ADSL1/2/2+ and Ethernet-based data, VoIP and IPTV testing—facilitated by pass/fail-driven automated tests. In addition to validating connectivity to the DSLAM, the AXS-200/620 performs upstream and downstream measurements such as actual data rates, attenuation and noise margin. What’s more, it provides advanced IPTV measurements—packet jitter, packet loss, PCR jitter, MDI, PID viewer and IGMP zap time—both in Terminate (stand-alone) and Through mode operation. The AXS-200/620 also monitors residential VoIP call flow and statistics, facilitating VoIP QoS assurance.

Part of the SharpTESTER Access Line

The AXS-200/620 ADSL2+ Triple-Play Test Set is part of EXFO's SharpTESTER Access Line, the new authority in access network testing. Designed for multilayer testing on copper and optical fiber, the SharpTESTER Access Line offers high-efficiency testing—Ethernet, DSL triple-play, copper qualification, fiber characterization—for residential and commercial access networks.

Test In, Test Out

Service providers are used to the “test in, test out” rule of troubleshooting. The AXS-200/620 takes this rule a step further by allowing technicians and engineers alike to test inside the customer premises over Ethernet or outside the customer premises over ADSL1/2/2+ to mitigate and remove performance issues. The AXS-200/620 can also conduct the same triple-play testing over ADSL1/2/2+ or Ethernet 10/100. This methodology ensures trouble spots are detected and dealt with accordingly and quickly.

An Essential Tool for DSL Service Providers and Contractors

The AXS-200/620 is the optimal tool for DSL service verification and triple-play testing. It helps telco and contractor personnel to quickly and easily identify the reason for DSL and triple-play deployment failure using automatic testing with customer-adjustable pass/fail criteria. In addition, network operators appreciate the AXS-200/620 as it eliminates the guesswork in hunting down DSL service faults or IPTV quality of experience issues that might otherwise tie up valuable staff and company resources—a real CAPEX and OPEX saver.

IPTV and Triple-Play Deployments

For many telcos, the roll out of Internet services over ADSL1/2/2+ has gone quite smoothly. However, IPTV is another story. EXFO’s AXS-200/620 offers comprehensive IPTV and VoIP testing over ADSL1/2/2+ but also over 10/100Base-T Ethernet to ensure the customer experience is excellent. From outside or inside the customer premises, the AXS-200/620 has you covered.


The essence of the AXS-200/620 is to assist service providers in determining why the service is not working correctly. By analyzing the DSL physical layer, the technician can see whether the DSL data rates being seen at the customer premises are high enough to support all three services making up triple-play: data, voice and video. If the rates are too low or the noise margin is questionable, then there is likely something wrong with the local loop. Moving up the protocol stack, the AXS-200/620 provides ease of use and result interpretation for data services using measurement techniques such as ping, traceroute, HTTP and FTP speed testing. VoIP and IPTV applications are analyzed to determine if the problems lie at the customer premises, the local loop, the DSLAM or at the soft switch or video head-end respectively.

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