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Track Down Network Problems Before They Find Your Customers

The DSL/triple-play market is extremely competitive, and customer churn is a daily concern. When it comes to maintaining high-quality voice, video and data services and keeping customers satisfied, every minute counts. This is why installation, maintenance and troubleshooting test cycles must be as short as possible, and why a combined copper and xDSL/triple-play test solution positively impacts the bottom line. EXFO’s AXS-200/625 30 MHz Copper and ADSL2+ Triple-Play Test Set is an all-in-one, multilayer copper, ADSL1/2/2+ and triple-play test solution that lets you assess both the physical medium and triple-play services in a single test sequence, enabling field crews to speed up service turn-up, maintenance and troubleshooting operations. Part of the SharpTESTER Access Line, the AXS-200/625 integrates the functionalities of the AXS-200/610 30 MHz Copper Test Set and the AXS-200/620 ADSL2+ Triple-Play Test Set. This highly intuitive handheld unit allows technicians to qualify and troubleshoot the copper-loop plant and triple-play services from top to bottom with one consolidated test set. The AXS-200/625’s bright color screens, visual results (including graphs and histograms) and automated tests make it a straightforward, simple test solution, even for video analysis and VDSL2 transmission using a frequency spectrum of up to 30 MHz. Designed for real-life testing conditions, it provides users with reliable results, day in and day out.

Fast, Complete xDSL and Triple-Play Testing

EXFO’s AXS-200/625 offers a quick, yet thorough method for testing triple-play services—ADSL1/2/2+ and Ethernet-based data, VoIP and IPTV transmission—using pass/fail-driven automated functionalities. In addition to validating connectivity to the DSLAM, the AXS-200/625 provides upstream and downstream parameters such as actual data rates, attenuation and noise margin. What’s more, it delivers advanced IPTV measurements—packet jitter, packet loss, PCR jitter, MDI, PID viewer and IGMP zap time—both in Terminate (stand-alone) and Through mode operation. The AXS-200/625 also monitors residential VoIP call flow and statistics, facilitating VoIP QoS assurance.

Key Features


User-definable automated test routines: Present easy-to-interpret pass/fail results

Four modes of operation: Enables ADSL2+ and 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet assessment of triple-play services in both Terminate and Pass Through modes

IPTV analysis: Provides key IPTV qualification parameters with features such as set-top box (STB) emulation, join/leave requests, PCR jitter analysis and PID viewer

MDI reporting: Supports media delivery index (RFC 4445) for evaluating the IPTV quality of experience

VoIP analysis: Ensures VoIP services are not affected by packet loss or jitter

Data analysis: Offers a common set of measures such as ping, traceroute, HTTP speed testing and FTP speed testing to ensure reliable and consistent Internet connectivity

Multilayer fault analysis histogram: Visually indicates when and at what layer errors are occurring, helping to identify the source of the problem as well as facilitating quick and efficient troubleshooting


30 MHz DSL Testing: Get the True Picture of the Local Copper Loop

For many telcos, installing ADSL links has gone quite smoothly; however, preparing the copper loop plant for triple-play services is another story. EXFO’s AXS-200/625 provides a full VDSL2 spectrum analysis in order to identify and locate disturbances and signal interferers affecting voice and video delivery over the last mile. It also offers an extensive range of single-ended tests that help you quickly locate and repair the faults that affect quality of service (QoS).

Advanced Local-Loop Testing for Advanced Services

With a 30 MHz bandwidth and wide dynamic range, the AXS-200/625 can test the local loop for almost every service that can be carried. Ideal for VDSL2, ADSL2+, ADSL2, ADSL, G.SHDSL, HDSL, HDSL2, T1/E1, ISDN and voice circuits, it simplifies loop qualification thanks to service-specific automated tests, reference cursors, specific noise filters and specialized loop evaluation algorithms.

Automated Test with Pass/Fail Indication

Providing complete feedback for quick pass/fail analysis thanks to its Auto Test feature, the AXS-200/625 simplifies the technician’s job. This convenient, single-ended test tool allows for fast cable assessment to determine whether or not it is acceptable for VDSL2 and ADSL2+ services, based on predefined pass/fail criteria.

Loop Mapper Makes It Simple

The AXS-200/625’s convenient and powerful Loop Mapper tool simplifies the detection of faults, bridge taps or cable ends. By automatically selecting the time-domain reflectometer (TDR) and/or the frequency-domain reflectometer (FDR), based on the line conditions, Loop Mapper displays a straightforward wiring diagram that includes the loop distances, for easy interpretation.

Detecting Excessive Spectral Noise

Use the AXS-200/625’s Power Spectral Noise feature to manage the spectrum in the cable bundle. The unit’s graphic display helps to determine which service is deployed on the loop and at what power level. This is the best technique to use in identifying signals that are running too strong for the bundle, and it is essential in unbundled local loop environments for spectral policing.

Complete Metallic Testing with DMM and VF

With the AXS-200/625, AC and DC voltage measurements are automatically performed and documented, without having to press countless buttons or having to move the test leads. The AXS-200/6 25 also measures AC and DC current to offer a complete picture of the electrical stability on the circuit under test. Additionally, it measures capacitance and resistance, while automatically converting measured capacitance/resistance into distance values for loop length assessment.

Test In, Test Out

Service providers are used to the “test in, test out” rule of troubleshooting. The AXS-200/625 takes this rule a step further by allowing technicians and engineers alike to test outside the customer premises over ADSL1/2/2+ or inside the customer premises over Ethernet to mitigate and remove performance issues. The AXS-200/625 can also conduct the same triple-play testing over ADSL1/2/2+ or Ethernet 10/100. This methodology ensures trouble spots are detected and dealt with accordingly and quickly.

The Essential Triple-Play Last Mile Deployment Tool

Ideal for prequalifying and troubleshooting the local loop for xDSL services up to VDSL2, the AXS-200/625 enables telcos and contractor personnel to identify the causes of unsuccessful triple-play, DSL and/or VF circuit deployment, while helping cable repair crews to locate with precision and to eliminate loop faults. This instrument puts an end to the guesswork involved in locating loop faults, freeing up valuable staff and company resources and saving precious time. Thanks to its single-ended test capabilities, service providers not only see a reduction in CAPEX but also in OPEX—making the AXS-200/625 a money-saving tool.

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