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VDSL2 and ADSL2+ Triple-Play Services Testing
Get VDSL2 and ADSL1/2/2+ interoperability and backward-compatibility in a single test set thanks to EXFO’s AXS-200/630 module for the AXS-200 SharpTESTER. Featuring the industry-leading Broadcom chipset, the AXS-200/630 provides you with a wide range of measurements so that no matter what stage of DSL deployment you are at—prequalification, installation, troubleshooting or repair—you have all the measurement tools you need to get the job done efficiently and properly.

Part of the SharpTESTER Access Line, the AXS-200/630’s bright color LCD display provides a sharp graphical user interface for showing clear results (including graphs), making it a straightforward, user-friendly test solution, perfect for triple-play services analysis. Designed for real-life testing conditions, the AXS-200/630’s display is ideally suited for use in direct sunlight thanks to its transflective color display.

You Need VDSL2 and Ethernet to Deliver HD IPTV
VDSL2’s high-speed capability not only breathes new life into your existing copper plant but it allows you to reduce churn and gain market share in delivering triple-play services to your customers. High-definition (HD) IPTV service is the killer application for VDSL2 deployment as it requires the most bandwidth and the best quality of service (QoS) that your customers have come to expect.

EXFO’s AXS-200/630 offers a quick, yet thorough method for testing triple-play services—VDSL2 and Ethernet-based data, VoIP and IPTV testing—using pass/fail-driven automated functionalities.

In addition to validating connectivity to the DSLAM, the AXS-200/630 provides upstream and downstream parameters such as actual data rates, attenuation and noise margin. What’s more, it delivers advanced IPTV measurements—packet jitter, packet loss, PCR jitter, MDI, PID viewer and IGMP zap time—both in Terminate (stand-alone) and Through mode operation. The AXS-200/630 also monitors residential VoIP call flow and statistics, facilitating VoIP QoS assurance.

Impulse Noise Protection +
You need to provide your customers with comprehensive assurance against poor triple-play services. With this in mind, the telecom industry has adopted the DSL-based impulse noise protection (INP) parameter, which is particularly important when deploying IPTV services based on VDSL2 and ADSL2+. For example, the INP helps reduce the amount of macro-blocking in an IPTV stream caused by short duration and intermittent impulse noise spikes. However, the downside of standard INP implementation is that it can limit the speed of VDSL2 (or ADSL2+) offered to customers as well as the addressable service area (distance).

The AXS-200/630 supports the traditional INP parameter as well as Broadcom’s innovative approach to INP called PhyR™. This technology allows for significantly lower BER, higher DSL rate and longer reach compared to standard INP implementations. As a result, the AXS-200/630 can be used to verify and ensure consistent QoS for DSL-based IPTV deployments without impacting speed or performance of the DSL link.

True Backward-Compatible and Interoperable Testing
Since the AXS-200/630 is based on the industry-leading Broadcom chipset, you are assured of excellent interoperability for VDSL2 and ADSL2+ when testing against other Broadcom chipset-based devices as well as other manufacturer chipsets.

Thanks to the AXS-200/630’s Broadcom chipset, you can use the Broadcom’s Nitro mode when testing ADSL2+ to effectively negotiate with DSLAM (also using a Broadcom chipset) in order to achieve data rates as high as 30 Mbit/s (depending on DSLAM setup, loop length, noise influences and circuit quality).

Key Features
INP and PhyR™: Supports Broadcom’s PhyR™ functionality and legacy impulse noise protection parameters
User-definable automated test routines: Presents easy-to-interpret pass/fail results
FTTx support: Enables DSL and 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet assessment of triple-play services in Terminate and Pass Through mode
IPTV analysis: Provides key IPTV qualification parameters with features such as set-top box (STB) emulation, join/leave requests, PCR jitter analysis and PID viewer
MDI reporting: Supports media delivery index (RFC 4445) for evaluating the IPTV quality of experience
VoIP analysis: Ensures VoIP services are not affected by packet loss or jitter
Data analysis: Offers a common set of measures such as ping, traceroute, HTTP speed testing and FTP speed testing to ensure reliable and consistent Internet connectivity
Multilayer fault analysis histogram: Visually indicates when and at what layer errors are occurring, helping to identify the source of the problem as well as facilitating quick and efficient troubleshooting

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Specification Sheets

Name Size (KB) Date Language
VDSL2, ADSL2+ and IP Triple-Play Test Set AXS-200/630 1600 8/7/2008 English


Application Notes
Name Size (KB) Date
Measuring Next and Fext 636 9/23/2008
Wideband Testing 2200 4/28/2008
Cable-Plant Conditioning: Reducing Packet Loss and Impulse Noise 196 1/14/2008
Simplifying IPTV Field Testing 2700 1/14/2008

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ADSL2+ Triple-Play Test Set—AXS-200/620
Simple, affordable triple-play testing over ADSL1/2/2+ and Ethernet 10/100
ADSL1/2/2+ service testing at the customer premises, a remote location or the central office
IPTV service assurance using a comprehensive range of QoS metrics
Unparalleled ease of use for VoIP QoS assurance
IP layer testing: connectivity consistency assessment using ping, traceroute, HTTP and FTP Web speed testing
Pass/fail-based auto-testing capability

30 MHz Copper Test Set—AXS-200/610
Visual reports, graphs and histograms, displaying signal and noise issues
30 MHz spectrum analysis for VDSL2 and video prequalification and troubleshooting
Single-ended tests minimizing repair time and costs
Automated clear, pass/fail results speeding up and simplifying test cycles
POTS and VF measurements for complete ADSL2+ and VDSL2 loop qualification

30 MHz Copper and ADSL2+ Triple-Play Test Set—AXS-200/625
Multilayer copper, ADSL2+ and triple-play analysis, for minimized CAPEX and OPEX
Straightforward and affordable triple-play testing over ADSL1/2/2+ and Ethernet 10/100
30 MHz spectrum analysis for single-ended VDSL2 prequalification and deployments; backward-compatible to ADSL2+
Verification of traditional voiceband circuits
ADSL1/2/2+ service testing at the customer premises, remote cabinet or the central office/local exchange
IPTV and VoIP service assurance using a comprehensive range of metrics

IP Triple-Play Test Set—AXS-200/650
Simple, affordable residential IP triple-play testing with pass/fail indication
IPTV and VoIP service assurance using a comprehensive range of QoS metrics
Feature-rich, but cost-effective: Ethernet 10/100 termination and Ethernet 10/100 pass through with triple-play QoS measurements

Copper, VDSL2, ADSL2+ and IP Triple-Play Test Set—AXS-200/635
Multilayer copper, DSL and triple-play analysis, for minimized CAPEX and OPEX
Affordable triple-play testing over VDSL2 and ADSL1/2/2+ including Ethernet in/out operation for FTTx deployments
30 MHz spectrum analysis for single-ended VDSL2, for a truck roll reduction
DSL, IPTV and VoIP service assurance using a comprehensive range of metrics such as DSL link speeds, multilayer fault analysis histogram, MDI as well as IP packet loss and jitter
VDSL2 and ADSL2+ Annexes A, L and M support for ultimate network flexibility

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