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Price: $7,634

Item Description:

Gear up for multitasking in the field with EXFO’s tough, revolutionary test platform, the FTB-400 Universal Test System, which combines physical-, optical- and protocol-layer testing in a single box.

Combining Physical-, Optical- and Protocol-Layer Testing in a Single Box

  • Scalable range of test applications and
         field-interchangeable modules
  • Pentium-powered, with up to 512 MB memory
  • Easy-to-read, high-resolution 12.1 inch TFT screen
  • Windows® 2000 operating system
  • Simultaneous acquisitionsand fast data

  • Technologically speaking, today's networks are more complex than ever. Thousands of components have to work in harmony, and deployment specialists are responsible for tuning entire systems for optimal network performance and ensuring that records are up to date. At the same time, fiber counts are skyrocketing, and DWDM is entrenched in long-haul applications, moving into metro.

    New architectures. New deliverables. New documentation needs. A brand-new paradigm. Now, how do you rise to the challenge?

    With the tough and proven FTB-400 Universal Test System from EXFO. This revolutionary test platform streamlines field-based test and measurement operations onto a single powerful platform. Welcome to multitasking in the field. FTB-400

    Multiple Configurations,Dozens of Options
    The FTB-400 Universal Test System comes in five configurations to expand your testing possibilities.

    Bus-Protector Configuration
  • Ultra-slim bus protector, for using the FTB-400 as a dedicated portable computer

    Two-Slot Configuration
  • Dedicated OTDR, loss and GigE testing with OTDR, MultiTest and Packet Blazer modules
  • Over 500 OTDR and loss testing combinations

  • Seven-Slot Configuration
  • Extensible basic and advanced fiber-optic test applications, including DWDM and dispersion analysis
  • Over 1000 testing combinations—CD, PMD, OSA, MWM modules, ribbon test kits, switches for
         high-fiber-count testing, OTDR and loss testing, and datacom (10/100/GigE) testing

    Eight-Slot Configuration
    This multipurpose, high-power, eight-slot back receptacle houses any of EXFO’s FTB test modules and delivers first-class features:
  • Up to eight single-slot test modules
  • Complete dispersion characterization—chromatic dispersion, polarization-mode dispersion and
         OTDR—in a single platform
  • Full compatibility with the FTB-8100 Next-Generation SONET/SDH Analyzer
  • High-speed bus
  • Integrated power supply (no external converter)

  • SONET/SDH Configuration
  • SONET/SDH and T-Carrier/PDH testing
  • Special configuration giving you the choice of simply using the bus protector or adding the two-, the
         seven- or the eight-slot module receptacle

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